Week of fun in Surrey (with kids)

We had a week-long “staycation” in Surrey this July and it was so much fun that I thought I’d share. For all those UK parents desperate to entertain the kids over the summer holiday, this is for you…

Our first day trip was to West Wittering Beach, West Sussex. Loaded to the brim with tent, beach toys, picnic lunch, suntan lotion, spare clothes, swim nappies, etc., we inevitably forgot adult sunscreen. Who cares at this point, at least we remembered the kids! As soon as we got there my 4 year-old wanted to eat, fine by me though I had to eat my sandwich whilst chasing the 18 month-old all over. He can cover a lot of ground in a very short amount of time!

Then it’s off to the sea for a dip (they’re already too hot, it was about 70 degrees 😂). This in itself is a full day out for me since the tide was so low that we could have, understandably, justified a call to Uber in lieu of trekking the entire way. Before we reached the water’s edge there were plenty of tide pools to entertain the kids which was great because they’re shallow & no waves. Hurray!

After this, they’re done but I forced them To collect some shells 😂.

Though I didn’t get to lie (or sit) in the sun and bake myself it was still a fantastic day out. The seaside is always calming & refreshing. 🏖

Next on the agenda, Cars 3, the latest instalment of the Disney Pixar classic. We split up for this one, I stayed home with the little one and our eldest had a day out with Dad. This was a very big deal as my son has been waiting months for this film. And the comfort and service at Everyman Cinemas makes for a very enjoyable movie experience.

Next day we were off to Chessington World of Adventure. I cannot recommend this place enough for parents with toddler & school-aged kids. There is so much to do and see that it’s ridiculous.

We started out at the Dragon’s Playhouse which had outdoor canopy walks and an indoor soft play area with a huge slide. It was very hard to pull the kids away from this one. The Gruffalo ride was better than I expected. There were screens all over showing clips from the movie, cool graphic effects, water spray that could be avoided which was nice and larger than life Gruffalo characters. It was very loud and dark inside though which scared my youngest, (yikes) so probably best for kids 3 and up, I’d say. We saw some animals, tiger, lions, apes which was great although I do always feel bad seeing them enclosed. We took in a Sea Lion show, explored the aquarium and discovered a petting zoo with goats on the way out. Both boys left with skinned knees, overpriced trinkets and ice creams! Hurray!

We needed a day to recuperate after Chessington but we did manage to squeak out one more day of fun, a trip to Mercedes Benz World at Brooklands in Weybridge. This was a ginormous thrill for my oldest, who absolutely loves cars (baby bro slept through this entirely). First we had a spin around the exhibition space, which included being able to sit inside a selection of Mercedes models and pretending they were ours. They had a great number of cars on display, old and new, F1 and areas that showed all the parts suspended in air to show how they are put together. The coup de grâce was definitely the Little Learner’s Driving Experience (ages 3-5). We surprised my oldest son with a “driving lesson”, 15 minutes driving a mini electric Mercedes around a kiddie-sized track complete with road signs and traffic lights. Definitely the highlight of his week. They gave “official driver’s licenses” to all the Little Learners which is now tucked away in my son’s wallet along with his library card and Starbucks cards (Lol).

On the way home we stopped off at Afternoon Crumbs in Claygate for some cupcakes. Very tasty indeed. I highly recommend a visit.

Now back to the usual routine, after I ice my sore muscles for a bit 😉