National Museum of Play

The Strong, National Museum of Play in Rochester, New York is hands down the best place to spend the day for both kids & adults. It’s completely interactive, goes on for miles and is jam packed with fun things to do for kids of all ages. Sure, they have combined DC & Marvel superheroes within the same exhibit but I am going to let that slide because they more than make up for it with loads of amazing worlds to explore. We strolled along Street, climbed Jack’s beanstalk, stepped inside a wonky house inspired by Dr. Seuss, shopped at mini Wegman’s (Rochester’s mega grocery store), solved a mystery with Scooby & the gang and followed the yellow brick road through fairytale land. Whew! The museum is dotted with display cases featuring vintage toys & games alongside their historical context. There are slides, soft play areas, race cars you can sit in (if you’re small enough), a train ride, an arcade, a cafe modelled after a typical American diner, an aquarium and so much more. They even sell vintage toys in the shop (as well as contemporary stuff too). The only downside is it’s location. Rochester is at least a 7 hour drive or a short flight from Manhattan. But if you find yourself in the area for whatever reason, I highly recommend a visit. Check out these pics..